Victims Next Door: Part 1-c, CHILDREN IN CRISIS


.jpg photo of victim of Child Abuse Behind the lines of a war on Our Children

What is abuse and who makes that call?
By Kevin Robinson

In a dim, downtown Pensacola office, Cheryl Shakur flipped through a thick manilla folder with one hand and cradled a telephone against her ear with the other.

The weighty folder on Shakur’s desk held the lives of a young family distilled into paper and ink: Medical records, criminal histories, notes from police officers and case managers. The dossier – generated in response to the all-too common report of “family violence threatens child” – gave Shakur a baseline sense of who and what she was about to walk into and an introduction to the child, who as of that morning, became her responsibility.

“My No. 1 priority is to make sure my children are safe,” said Shakur, a child protective investigator for the Department of Children and Families. “To do that…

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