What began as a group of friends with a God-sized dream and a passion for setting others free has now grown into a worldwide, Christian non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing and restoring children enslaved in the sex-trade.

Armor of God foundation story began with the founding family sitting down with friends pondering on different issues. They were all affected by Human, sex and child trafficking, that personally touched their lives. It got all deep and meaningful, it was a real God moment and the first time we all thought we could make a difference. God planted the seeds and the rest fell into place.

The family was personal survivors from trafficking and felt that God will give them the strength to deal with their own heart ache, by helping others.

We all decided to start a rescue and safe haven for victims, where God can lead the way on how to help them. God then decided to put child victims on the door of the foundation.

We are aiming to work on virtually every continent with one main purpose – to see sex-slavery end in our lifetime.

Through the 5 years various young adults and adults has been saved, now we are working with children and seeing them being saved and the joy to see them being children again.

Our eyes has been opened to how our home countries are effected by trafficking and their denial in dealing with the problem.

And as long as sex-trafficking and child sexual exploitation exist in our world, we will continue to fight and be advocates on behalf of the enslaved and vulnerable.

This is our story – ordinary people with God-sized hearts that are passionate about setting others free.

You can be part of our story, too. To learn more about how you can get involved, contact us directly. Or, if you’d like to just have a look around, feel free to browse our website.

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