Armor of God Rescue is committed to rescuing children from the sex trade and giving them the opportunity to fulfil their destinies. Our Rescue Agents risk their lives searching for under aged children in brothels, red light districts and sexually abusive situations.

Our Rescue Agents are committed to helping children escape, but many children feel trapped even if they are not physically locked up.

Traffickers plant fear into the hearts and minds of the children. They are too terrified to escape, even if the opportunity presented itself.

Poverty and lack of education entice parents to sell their children. Many children feel immense pressure from their families to continue earning money, despite their unbearable circumstances.


Our Rescue Agents visit red lights areas undercover and identify under aged children and adult victims.

Once identified, they will either:

Build trust with the children and offer the safest escape route possible.

Partner with anti-trafficking police to gain intelligence and help facilitate a raid.

The brothel managers, pimps, traffickers are often arrested and the premises shut down, meaning no more abuse can take place there.

Both methods of rescue are vital in fulfilling our vision to see child slavery ended in our lifetimes.

The same methods get used to rescue adults in sex trafficking and human trafficking.

We also attend rescue mission where tip offs have been received by police.

As of December 2014, 100% of rescued children will then find love and restoration in our Armor of GOd Rescue Homes. Depending on circumstance, the children will either return to their families, or are placed in our aftercare homes.

2 thoughts on “RESCUE THE ENSLAVED

  1. I am so amazed and deeply grateful to know that there are people like you in this world. God bless you all for taking such risks for the sake of the abused and hurting. I am going to do a blog on your ministry. I pray that many more supporters will rise up on your behalf.


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