About Armor of God

Armor of God assist and specialize in helping Human, sex and child traffic victims. We closely work with parents and family of sex traffic victims. We will assist on request in parental abduction, illegal and forced adoptions.

Our foundation offers a safe enviroment for victims, where they can feel safe and secure.

Children receive an education in their native language and to the required curriculum.

Young ladies and gentlemen receive the oppertunity to learn various trades, so that they can go out into the world, and look after themselves.

There is councelors to help the victims throught their difficult time and to help guide them to a better future.

17 thoughts on “About Armor of God

  1. Wow.. Awesome!! Love what you are doing. I pray that God will bless you and your foundation. We are starting to try to raise money for safe houses for victims of all abuses… including sex trafficking. What you are doing is so needed. I join you in prayer for all victims.

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  2. So glad to hear of your organization. So many don’t know what to do. I recently read an article about how sex trafficking victims show up for all different reasons at the doctors and the doctor doesn’t recognize that the person they are evaluating is a victim because they don’t know the signs of what a sex trafficking person looks or acts like. My prayer is that more in the health system would be informed and given the tools to help a victim. Knowledge itself is powerful but action is more powerful.

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    • I am a doctor and the reason, our foundation started was to help out young female victims, to become part of the world again. now we got to many children, but we cant turn them away they need our help. On top of this i am trying to teach other doctors how to read the signs, people dont listen they dont take note of behaviour. they need to be trained to do so. VIctims will become survivors. ACtion is needed but so litle people want to risk getting involve

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      • So very true. That is when you ask God to intervene and have Him bring in the helpers. Nothing is impossible with God and there is also nothing outside of His knowledge either. God will send you what you need, just ask. And I will also pray that God multiplies quickly.

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  3. Amen to your Ministry!! Bring all to our True GOD who art in HEAVEN JESUS ( YESHUA ) CHRIST!!


    Love ❤ Always and Shalom Everyone,

    Kristi Ann


  4. Doc, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! Please go over to my blog to check out the rules and let me know if you accept.
    Hi Doc, My Friend, I want to post your Link on my website. I know how busy you all are Doc, but I will be emailing you by wednesday, and just answer when it is best for you.
    You and Your Team are always in My Thoughts, My Heart, and My Prayers,

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