HOw you can raise funds for Armor of God

8 Tips for Creating an Impactful Armor of GOd Campaign

We are proud to announce Operation safe God´s youth newest initiative that will give YOU the power to rescue more children.

So often, people ask how much of a difference they can make from the comfort of their own lives…The answer is quite a lot. By starting and maintaining a Armor of God campaign you are working directly to save children from the horrors of human trafficking. Every dollar you raise goes to Armor of God’s work to make real lives really better.

Thank you so much for your efforts. We are both humbled and uplifted by them. Now, let’s do this thing.

8 Tips for Creating an Impactful Armor of God Campaign

Make the first donation. Listen: you can get the momentum going before you’ve even written your first fund request. Donate to the cause you believe in to get the ball rolling.

Send out emails. Your friends are dying to get something more meaningful in their inbox. They are good people who who happy to help. Send out personalized emails to the people you know before reaching out to the people you don’t.

Just take two paragraphs to explain your cause, your goals and how they can donate to your campaign. Link to OUR pages and stories that moved you. Don’t be afraid to follow up and make sure to say thank you for every donation.

Announce your campaign via social media. We love social media! Let everyone on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram know what you are doing and how they can help. Here’s 140 characters to help you get started: Children all over the world are ensnared in the horrors of human trafficking. We can change that. Join my campaign: (link to your campaign here.)

Reach out to your inner circle. Call, email and send notes to your mom, dad, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles and that kindergarten teacher you’ve kept in touch with for three decades. They are interested in what you’re interested in and will want to help you make a difference.

Utilize grassroots marketing. Call your local newspaper, local news station and local radio shows. Ask them how you can work together to raise awareness.

Do giveaways. Approach local businesses to see if they will donate to your campaign. For example, do you know someone who makes the most amazing holiday wreaths? Ask them to give one wreath to every person who donates more than $50. Your giveaways will publicize the products of the participating business while also giving incentives for more donations.

Have fun. Your campaign can be a blast! Hold fundraising events that you’d want to be a part of even if you weren’t involved in planning them; get your friends involved, hold bake sales, or sell vintage clothing in pop-up shops. Use this as an opportunity to get creative while making a difference.

Remember, no matter how much you raise – from $5 to $50,000 – you are using your time to help children. We are grateful and they are grateful and you’ve made a meaningful difference. Thank you.

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