Melissa Sue Gauf NKA Powers missy

This woman has received monthly $325 USA dollars from us for her child support, she is the ex from one of our staff.

We have to pay her directly as the state of Illinois disbursment unit cant accept money from foreign employers

YEt she maintain she never received it. Her day is coming as the IRS is being made aware of this, as       it aint a gift honey it is child support but you want to claim a gift then you must pay tax on it.

so a tax audit is coming your way. enjoy

Radio Rhema interview

His Songs

Radio Rhema in New Zealand had an interview with me about the cause of sex trafficking and the song ‘set the captives free’, on 9th July 2015. I am very grateful to them for supporting the cause and helping me to get the song out there. Sharing it is important in order for it to start generating an income to free women and children.

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Dear Ana

It's Time to Meet Bob

Sometimes when I don’t know how to express all that I am feeling I write letters, letters that are never sent and often never seen by the person I address them to.

These letters give my heart space to work things out-to have a voice.  It is with caution that I write this next letter because I know how deeply my heart has been touched by this woman…. Ana.

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The Hijacking of Amnesty International

A Riverside View

Amnesty International has been hijacked by a bunch of people who want to justify their extortionate CEO salaries by bringing in things that are detrimental to people. They work very much like the people who run the European Union, in that if their members vote against their ridiculous proposals, they bring them in anyway.

The first case of them doing this was when they put it to their members a question in regard to the organisation’s position on abortion. The members voted for Amnesty’s stance on abortion to remain neutral. So in response, the leadership launched a campaign calling on the Irish government to legalize abortion, claiming that abortion is a human right. Abortion is not a human right and there is no recognised human rights document that says it is. But Amnesty International has been hijacked by people who have an agenda that goes beyond human rights and they…

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Dear Porn-Addicted Parent

LifeStar of the Central Valley Blog


Have you read An Open Letter to My Porn-Watching Dad? Written by his daughter, these brutally honest words serve as a shocking reminder that pornography addiction affects more than just the consumer. For those living in pursuit of the “lie of lust”, a letter like this can be a jolting wake-up call. This letter reminds all parents that their children are watching and learning from what is modeled to them. It also calls attention to the truth that even “secretive” behaviors may not be as hidden as parents would like to think. A message like this has the potential to dislodge an addicted parent from the grip of denial, if they have the courage to listen with an open and humble heart. What a gift this can be! Sometimes the motivation that makes the difference is rooted in love for others. May this letter and the…

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Dear Porn Users: An Honest Letter From the Other Side of the Screen

LifeStar of the Central Valley Blog

woman dark eye-716008_1280

Want motivation to stop viewing pornography? I suggest reading the enlightening article called  A Letter to the Man on the Other Side of the Screen. Written by someone who was once a victim of the sex trafficking and pornography industries herself, the author provides a unique message that is normally masked by makeup, lights, and artificial smiles. The words she offers those struggling are both surprising and sobering. Most of all, they are heartfelt and hopeful. I encourage you to share this message with others, doing your part to shed light on an utterly dark industry.

-Written by Forest Benedict, MA, SATP-C, LMFT, Clinical Director of LifeSTAR of the Central Valley If you benefited from this article, please “follow” us on this blog and on Twitter, “like” us on Facebook, and SHARE this article and blog with others. Thank you!

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Stop Traffic

Taylor Ryan Elliott

At this very moment in your very city sex trafficking is happening.

Sex Trafficking is the forced prostitution of women and children. This billion-dollar industry is growing and happening right here in the United States.

The minute the crown was placed on my head in November and I was announced as Miss Alabama Teen USA, I immediately had a voice – I had the chance to impact more than just my immediate family and friends with the things I had on my mind and wanted to say. Having a voice and the opportunity to make a difference in my state is great, but I needed something important to say – I needed a platform.

After winning Miss Alabama Teen USA, one of the judges from the pageant told me to find a platform and use my new voice as much as possible to impact people far outside my hometown. Before the pageant…

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