Child abusers as per previous post

he child molesters of today will be tomorrow’s most sought after babysitters.

There’s nothing preventing child trafficking right now except a few silly laws.

Those laws will be re-written.

It’s not going to happen immediately.

Right now, we’re busy making “X” a gender option on Indiana driver’s licenses.

Fifty years ago that was a joke.

“Are you male or female?” – Neither.

HAhahahah haha

Right now, when I say pedophilia should be legal, everyone laughs.

Well, not everyone.

Right now, the consensus is that pedophilia is a disorder.

Like homosexuality or gender dysphoria.

Hey! Nobody thinks homosexuality is a disorder!”

Right! That’s the point.

Now we believe homosexuality is simply a personal preference.

And we promote transgender to children as if it’s a super-power.

Traditional family values are oppressive.

The church is full of hateful, divisive bigots.

Children might be better off with a loving, progressive smuggler than at home with religious parents.

The smuggler won’t brainwash the kid with superstition.

Trafficking will be these kids salvation!

That’s how these things always work.

We will tolerate any horror that we’re told is “good”.

We’ll allow child abuse so long as it’s called “self expression”.

Why should a society that sanctions killing babies before they’re born protect babies from trafficking after they’re born?

Why would a society that celebrates the destruction of childhood innocence raise a finger to keep kids out of slavery?

Secular culture cares about what’s popular – not what’s right.

And if you think laws won’t adjust to accommodate any evil – you’re naive.

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