Macon County Public records

Madison Elizabeth Baylis

This week, Macon county released the court file from my divorce from Melissa under appeal court order.

Now Melissa and her family all did belly flips and oh we are so glad, the Macon county judge decided in Melissa`s favor, that 1. a motion to rectify the record of paid child support, 2. a motion regarding parental rights, that Melissa removed from me in 2009, 3. a motion of online abuse from Melissa and her family. AS JUDGE WEBBER APPARENTLY STATED THAT IT IS CONSIDERED HARASSMENT FROM ME TO MELISSA, FOR WANTING THIS ON COURT RECORD.

Now the court file released and the transcript of the hearing for the 6th June state no such thing, there is no court order dismissing my motions, no nothing…..

So what is Macon county hiding………

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