Recovery from Poland 4 yrs on….

CARI - Child Abduction Recovery International

In 2014 we rescued little Crystal from notorious kidnapping haven Poland. Another desperate father who’s child was illegally kidnapped by its Polish mother. The father battled the family courts in Poland for over 2 yrs and was the first ever foreign father to be awarded custody in a polish court.

(Picture taken just hours after Crystal was legally recovered)

After 2 yrs of listening to wrong advice getting no where with Polish authorities to enforce the orders he decided to contact CARI. The mothers new boyfriend at the time was a registered sex offender in Poland so we had to act fast as the evidence provided was shocking and sickening to say the least.

The polish courts took 2 yrs of searching (so they say but truth is they never do) but couldn’t find Crystal who was being hidden by the mother and grandparents. It took CARI 10 hrs to…

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