Perfect Storm

Megha's World

This poem is in continuation of the micro poetry. Read it here

“With a tide rising in your heart
and a gale rushing in mine,
we brewed a
perfect storm together”
–Megha Sood


Our wild emotions were brewing
slowly and surely
simmering and rising to the surface
ready to be spilled
poured out of our hearts
where it was becoming
a fruitless task
to keep us apart

The tension building up
the synergy which is working
all these pent up emotions and desire
setting up our souls on fire
are rising slowly and surely
till it devours us completely

That fateful fusion
is about to happen
which opened the floodgates
and  create a rip in the time
and space
a moment forsaken

Our decision to completely ignore it
willfully turning a blind eye
has made the situation so critical
we never were able to safeguard
the rare combination
that has happened at once

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