Is it worth it?

Megha's World

“Everyone feels they are on a journey, but if you cannot see reality, you are merely on a cosmic treadmill, trapped in time. A person can spend a lifetime going nowhere” 
― R.J. Blizzard


We all long for happiness, Don’t we? The need to reach the pinnacle of success and to overcome all the pain we have endured through the process has become a living style these days.

Nobody wants to get off the hamster wheel. We are constantly looking over our shoulders and praying under the bated breath while trying to get to the next sparkling thing our eyes catches.

Why is that even after so much of self-awareness about us being a mortal and the inevitable truth of death as a final destination staring at our faces, we still ignore all the quotes and learnings we read in the book and passed on from generations, but continue to toil and struggle?

Why is it so difficult…

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