FBI Doesn’t Care About Government Corruption

Governmental Services Corporation Watch

EDITORS NOTE: My own experiences in talking to the FBI about corrupt STATE and COUNTY actors indicates that this article is entirely true.  The FBI is only interested in persecuting civilian humans through the PUBLIC OFFICES called a “LEGAL PRESENCE.”  If you have a legal name, are legally present, and/or have a “driver’s License” or other legalism, then you are employed in a public office…  WITHOUT the required Minimum wage pay.

FBI Doesn’t Care About Government Corruption


The reason the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”) doesn’t care about governmental corruption (judicial, executive, legislative) is because they are also in fact, completely and totally corrupt.

It appears that their main job is to protect the wealthy elite Deep State Oligarchs/Plutocrats, while nailing to the wall free thinkers, political dissidents, patriots, soft targets, opponents of the oligarch elite, and other real or imagined targets.


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