What happens to kids when divorced parents have different rules?

Madison Elizabeth Baylis

Conflicting standards at two houses can cause confusion

I’m a divorced dad who’s having trouble getting my children to eat healthy food and to be polite, with “please” and “thank you” statements. They’re not required to do these things at their mother’s and grandparents’ homes. What can I do when levels of discipline are different at each parent’s house and each of their grandparents’ houses? The children are ages 4 and 5, and I’m worried that they are influenced by their mother’s negative comments about me.

Consistency is so important in helping children learn. That said, children are able to learn from consistency within a particular household or with a particular parent, even if rules are different elsewhere. Make sure you are very clear about what good habits you’d like to see (for example, saying please and thank you). Remind your children of these expectations when they arrive to your…

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