Madison Elizabeth Baylis

Madison Elizabeth Baylis


One day a happy little girl’s parents separated.
She loved her Mum and Dad and they were both devoted to her. But she was taken by her Mum to live inside a huge walled city with her Mum’s new husband.
She was given all she thought she needed in that city and quickly made new friends.The city had only one door and for a while she passed through that door and had fantastic adventures with her Dad.
But for some reason going to her Dad’s place seemed to go less and less smoothly and she felt it was her fault her Mum and stepfather couldn’t plan things when she was “going to her father’s place”. 
After a while she grew to be anxious of contact visits and these feelings made her not want to pass through the door.
When she was with her Dad everything was fine. When she was inside the walled city everything…

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