Don’t Let Your Kids Be Casualties of Divorce

Madison Elizabeth Baylis

It’s not the children you’re breaking up with, so be careful to keep them out of the crossfire.

A divorce is a dispute between you and your spouse — it’s got nothing to do with the kids. You have to do everything you can to keep the kids out of the middle of whatever conflicts you have.

1. Don’t fight in front of them.
Research shows that the worst thing for kids is to see their parents fight with each other. The technical term for what you want to avoid is “expressed affect,” which essentially means yelling and screaming. If kids don’t see their parents yelling and screaming at each other, they do better than if they do see them bickering.

2. Dogive them access to both of you.
The other thing that’s bad for kids is to lose contact with — or access to — one of the…

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