Biting and how to stop it

Madison Elizabeth Baylis

Biting is a common behavior among toddlers and some preschool children. It doesn’t mean your child is bad or that he has a behavior problem. Instead, it means there’s an issue that needs to be addressed to stop the behavior from continuing. Here are 10 strategies to curb biting:

  1. Avoid labelling your child as a biter. Saying things like, “Be careful, he’s a biter!” when you take your child to a play group won’t be helpful.
    In fact, kids often live up to their labels.

  2. Don’t bite your child back. Unfortunately, lots of parents try to curb biting by biting their child back. But corporal punishment doesn’t teach skills to help them behave better in the future. Instead, it sends a confusing message about biting.

  3. Observe the triggers that lead to biting. There are several reasons why kids bite and careful observation can help you uncover the possible reasons why…

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