Treatment what treatment

Madison Elizabeth Baylis

In 2012 I got ill. Very ill, and had loads of blood test and nothing make sense. Thanks to the American hospital that treated the boys in the past and a good friend, they did test. In 2013 I got ill, on and off. Chest infections and various other things. I was in so much pain I could not do much.

In November/December 2013 I was so ill, I ended up in hospital with severe Septicemia, a serious bloodstream infection. It’s also known as bacteremia, or blood poisoning. I nearly ended up dead. I had a lot of medical treatment and still have some after effects due to not listening to concerned loved ones and medical professionals.

I ended up having Sepsis, due to my body having a strong immune response to the infection. This leads to widespread inflammation throughout the body.

Due to my autoimmune illnesses my immune system…

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