Melissa take a moment

Madison Elizabeth Baylis

Can we get real for a moment?
Have real talk? Discuss something that’s been on my mind for a minute.
Okay, here goes…
Girl, you chose me! Stop acting like the man I am, that you laid down with and had a baby with is unfit to see his dang child. Was I unfit when you were sleeping with me, behind Mike´s back? Was I unfit when you gave birth? Was I unfit when I showed up at every doctor’s appointment, sporting event or school performance? No.
No, I wasn’t.
I was there being a partner with you. Loving you. Being excited for my blessing of a daughter that was growing in your womb.We have to stop this backward thinking when it comes to raising our child. We don’t need to raise our children alone. Nor should we have to.
If you have a man that is a father and…

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