Withholding Madison and myself from contact is a violation of the law

Madison Elizabeth Baylis

Withholding a Child from Visitation

The situation becomes more serious when one parent withholds a child from visitation with the other parent. A custodial parent may do this to get the other parent to pay child support, agree to handle all transportation, or sometimes, just to spite their ex. From a legal perspective, child support and visitation are completely different things. A judge will frown upon a parent violating a visitation agreement for the purpose of obtaining past-due child support payments and this may result in the parent losing primary custody. In many states, the unreasonable denial of visitation as ordered by the court can even be a criminal offense. Although normally prosecution is withheld for only repeat offenders, the threat of being held in contempt of court by a judge can help keep the parent that threatens to withhold a child from visitation in line with the set schedule.

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