7 Tips for Being More Assertive With Your Ex & Others

Madison Elizabeth Baylis

   When in conflict situations, we either instinctively fight or choose to not engage. (Fight-or-flight-response). These reactions can make co-parenting challenging. Remember that we are all on a roller coaster of emotions – each of us on our own timeframe. Use the following tips to “support” the other parent (yes I know what you are thinking) – remember that a high conflict situation is not in the best interest of your children – do it for your children (and your own sanity). Jennifer Wolf writes:

  1. Evaluate your choices
    Part of being assertive is realizing that you have options. You can’t control how other people behave, but you can choose your behavior and how you choose to respond when you’re angry, upset, or hurt. This often requires you to disengage from the argument in the moment, so that you can take a fresh look at what your options…

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