No more

Madison Elizabeth Baylis

Since 2007, I was told to keep my mouth shut, roll over and die, be a puppy and do what Melissa wants you to do.

Enough is Enough

She divorced me in 2006, not me her, she divorced me.

Then I was good enough to have my daughter nearly 24/7 as she could not cope with Madison.

She then moved, then she got involve with husband 3. Then I could only see my daughter when it was something Melissa wanted.

When she got married to husband 3 it was a case of f off Jeremy, please give up your rights to Madison or I will make sure you pay for it.

She never declared funds received for Madison, she made debt I had to pay it. then Maryna told me fight her.

I got to see my daughter once before i left the country to get married. My plans were…

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