How I met Melissa Sue Guaf

Madison Elizabeth Baylis

I first met Melissa at a family get together in about 1997. As my grandmother use to babysit her son and daughter.

My cousin wife was her sister in law. But she was never really anywhere in my thoughts and mind as I was not interested. I had my own friends and everyone else I hung with. She hung out with my cousin and aunt more than anyone else I knew.

As I guess she was able to use them as a scapegoat when she left them to go meet up with some other guy. As she talked about having an affair with a city police officer when she worked at one bank.

And she also had an affair with a guy that worked at Staley´s in Decatur. With one of the 2 she apparently miscarried a child. But which one of the two guy´s I wasn´t sure.

So onto…

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