Effects on the child

Madison Elizabeth Baylis

1. Effects of reduced income. Money is very often an issue in separation. When a couple separates, there is less money than when the couple was together. The main reason for this is that the existing pool of income must now provide for two households rather than one shared household. Where a couple could manage hockey or dance lessons for their children before separation, the budgets for operating two separate households will no longer stretch that far. In separation cases where there is animosity or high conflict, and one spouse or partner makes significantly more money, the higher income earner may use money to control the other parent, or seek revenge on the other parent. In some cases where the lower income earner has initiated the separation and the couple is well off, the higher income earner will sometimes use money to seek retribution‚ÄĒpayback of sorts. Specifically, the higher income‚Ķ

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