Child Demoralization

Madison Elizabeth Baylis

Child Demoralization
Unfortunately, many children have very good reasons to be sad and to feel depressed. Such children, Koplewicz stresses, do not have depressive disorders. They are demoralized.

“A lot of kids’ life experiences are very depressing. They live in poverty. Their parents are abusive or neglectful or just divorced and still fighting. They are in inadequate educational systems. All those are depressing situations,” Koplewicz says. “These situations don’t necessarily create depression, but they may create behavioral symptoms. These kids may become rambunctious, unhappy, tearful. But we are not talking about the same thing as adult depression. You should feel badly when life is crummy.”

And it’s not only underprivileged kids whose lives can make them act depressed, says Alvin Rosenfeld, MD, a child and adolescent psychiatrist in private practice in Connecticut and New York.

“Much that looks like depression is the product of over-pressured, overscheduled youth and families,” Rosenfeld…

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