Madison Elizabeth Baylis

Are you eating properly? If you aren’t you could be sabotaging your child and teenager Attention Deficit treatments.Eating the best ADD/ADHD diet is crucial to managing ADHD.

What you eat determines how well your brain functions. Yet many children and teenagers with ADHD have horrid diets and eating habits.

We forget to eat. We skip meals. We forget to grocery shop. When hunger catches up with us, we end up eating whatever we can get our hands on. We binge on junk food in an unconscious effort to self-medicate.

All this plays havoc on the ADHD brain.

“If you don’t eat properly, you can become distracted, impulsive and restless. You can look like you have ADD even if you don’t!”

Some of Maryna´s clients even report that eating a more ADHD-friendly diet let’s them take less ADHD medication.

Let’s unwrap the mysteries of food and ADHD so you can eat…

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