Nothing but the Blood Of Jesus!

Living He Loved me Dying He saved me, burried he carried my sin far away, Rising He justified freely forever, one day He is coming O glorious day

Enid & Austin Bhebe

nothing but the bloodThe blood of Jesus, washes, cleanses , sanitizes,,Irons (forgives),( folds and put away)=saves, because he is coming back to get a church with no spots or wrinkles those that he has made for him WHOSOEVER BELIEVES. No sin is too hard for Him to clean. He is The Hysoap literary.

Perhaps the most popular hymn about the blood is this one, written by two men who came to Christ as teenagers. Robert Lowry, author of the words, came to Christ at age seventeen. William Doane confessed Christ as his Saviour while in high school. Together they wrote hymns and published gospel songbooks. A few years earlier a number of hymn writers had written about the blood of Jesus. Their hymns are still marvellous tools of worship, but this one seems to be among the best for most Christians.

In 1739, Count Zinzendorf wrote his great “Jesus, Thy Blood and…

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