FEAR… A “Thriller” to Some or a New Reality Show for Abuse Victims

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

Fear is the topic that keeps coming to my mind lately. Maybe it’s the recent “Halloween” where many seem to be excited to “play” with the demonic world or it’s because of triggers that occasionally happen bringing fear or worry. Many people love to watch “thrillers” or “horror” movies where they sit on the edge of their seat and get some kind of “thrill” or excitement with being scared. However, I can tell you that when you have lived with real fear, you don’t want to play with it. When you have run for your life in fear, you don’t find anything fun with fear.

Many abused women live in fear for the next violent outburst. Many have run for their lives and do not want to watch shadows lurking in the darkness or someone waiting to jump out at them… because they have lived it. It brings it to…

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