Sexual Violence as Weapon of War: The ISIS Brand


Uncharted territory, gender fluidity, new positions and places or perhaps a well-rehearsed routine that still manages to bring each partner to the brink of orgasm. Sex can be all things wonderful and transformative. It can be intimate, a sacred bond between two people or a BDSM contract for the more adventurous at heart. It can be an everyday norm, a way to procreate or an escape from the worries of life. Sex can even be a means of survival in the form of a paycheck as a way to pay rent, tuition or make a little extra cash on the side.

Regardless of how you view sex or how comfortable you are talking about it openly with your partner, girlfriends or even casual strangers, it is still one of the most personal forms of self-expression and consent.

But what it should never ever be is a weapon.

For centuries there has been a…

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