Victims Next Door: Part 1-b, CHILDREN IN CRISIS


.jpg photo of victim of Child Abuse Behind the lines of a war on Our Children

Jerry’s story
By Kimberly Blair

Waxahachie, Texas  –  Bluebonnets were just beginning to bloom near Jerry and Tabatha Burnett’s home in early April, leading the charge for the state’s famous wildflower display that paints the landscape with an explosion of color.

A similar rainbow of colors spilled out across the floor in the couple’s rural home, tucked among gently rolling hills about an hour outside of Dallas, as their 4-year-old adopted son, also named Jerry, lined up red, blue, green and yellow toy cars bumper-to-bumper only to reassemble them in a perfect triangle.

That geometric arrangement is characteristic of the toddler’s autism, one of nearly a dozen of his different disabilities. Yet despite his challenges, he offers generous smiles, happy chirps and quickly moves from one activity to the next and climbs in and out of Tabatha’s lap. She cuddles him…

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