Our STructure

Our structure:

Our foundation is currently based abroad, and are dealing with a lot of African children that are traffic to other parts of the world. We work with any nationality, any race, adult victims, child victims, sex, child, labor and human trafficking victims.

Our safe house assist with educating the children, helping the adults to learn a trade and assisting in their legal matters regarding the trafficking. We also try and locate their families, which can be difficult at times, for the fact that not all police forces has missing reports on all missing people.

We are looking at operating a safe house or two in South Africa, for the victims that are found abroad and also for local victims in South Africa and surrounding countries.

We are also looking at the demand to start an EMPOWER THE LESS FORTUNATE in South Africa, the need by the amount of victims that are found is huge.

Armor of God came around in 2009, we were talking about our view of the youth and on trafficking. Not just for the sex trade but the murder of children for organs and various others trafficking needs out there. All of us, that are involve with the foundation, has been personally touched by trafficking. Dealt with victims and wanted to make a difference.

Some of us have rescue skills, and are using that to rescue children, or some of us use or medical skills, some is using their caring skills. Together we are making a difference, When we started we worked with adult victims mainly and we helped 2500 victims in our first year all over 18 and under 30. 200 victims left and went back to life on the street. The rest, got educated, found work and is progressing really well. The 200 dropped out at different times, and we discovered it is as soon as they have unsupervised internet time.

In 2010 and 2011 we dealt with a mixture of children and adults. We had a total of 5000 people come through our doors, 5 victims went to study for lawyers, some opened restaurants and others went to become teachers. Children went back to school and was reunited with families.

We discovered that roughly for every 100 people we help roughly 95 continue to be survivors. It is hard work, we started having in live in victim houses and becoming safe houses for children.

From end of 2012 we became a live in safe house that at the time could take 1000 victims, everything is done by volunteers.

We raise funds by attending 2 international festivals a year, and promoting anti trafficking days. We became involve with politicians that fight against trafficking.

IN 2013 we dealt with 100 South African victims of trafficking. It was a shock finding them trafficked through Mexico.

In 2014 our world turn upside down. We found a South African girl that was sold by her mother and 45 other children. Then another 350 South African children.

In April 2014 we became targets of traffickers hitting back to people who safe victims, lucky for us, with God´s Blessings, we did not get harmed, a few knock and bruises and threats but we live to tell the tail. But all our documents of our victims got stolen, only the documents that we received from the organizations that helps children. The silly people forgot we won’t keep important things on site.

Boy has God been testing us in 2014. By the end of 2014 we had 768 children in our care and only 5 staff. No real security. Then we entered 2015 with a lot of children and now we have 3012 kids as of today, 7thApril.

Our victims that we had up until October 2014 and that was reunited with families from the following places.

South Africa: 750

United States of America: 750

West África: 624

North África: 214

India: 1450

México: 1698

Central America: 2120

South America: 1894

China: 210

Various unknown: 725

These are victims that became survivors and ending them home was a safe option.

1000 adult victims, were given protection, and are now based over Mexico and is enjoying freedom and living live to us fullest.

Breaking down the South African victims:

300 was from Cape Town, mainly gang areas where gang crime is high,

200 was from Pretoria, JHB area.

125 was from Eastern Cape

125 was from Natal and rest of South Africa.

Our foundation relocated 15 families from the Cape Flats to a safer location as their children´s abduction was ruled gang related. People they knew where involve with drugs and making a family member as a trade seem to be the norm these days.

Updated 9th July 2015

Currently we have just over 13, 143 children and 260 adult victims


South Africa: 9,685 of which 200 is babies of the victims

United States of America 1,395

Various African children: 1,665

Various other countries: 398

Adult victims:

South Africa: 135

American: 40

Other African states: 85

Accordingly to African.org human trafficking can’t be a big problem, as there is only 248 official missing reports on children in South Africa accordingly to the SAPS at least 1,100 might be missing but classed as run away children.

So why do we sit with 9, 685 of South African children.

To break the South African numbers down by race:

Black South African children: 1,497

Colored South African children: 1,515

White South African children: 6,326

Other South African: 347

A lot of the children say there were more black children with them, but they get sold quicker, the sad reality is, on the black market a black child is sold for his organs very quickly, there race is in demand for organs, mutti and a lot of other horrible things, so a lot of them won´t be found.

We have Jewish children, Muslim children and various other religions, we don’t turn any away.

We have 98 that has already lost a kidney each and various others test that was done on their organs. Recent scars under 18 weeks old. Yet they were continued to be pimped out while having their organs harvested.

We have 352 pregnant girls (between the ages of 11 and 17), we have a lot of under 6 years old children.

Looking at the figures, the amount of people our foundation is made up off, we have to decide on how to make Africa aware of the problem facing their citizens.

We put our lives on the line every day, working with these children, rescuing them, taking them to appointments and court. We will continue to do so until they are all safe.

We are assisting ministers in South Africa, to look at certain areas in the law for these victims, so that they can go back to South Africa to a safe house, until their cases is concluded. This is only in the beginning stages.

Any help, even just prayer is appreciated, or just sharing to raise awareness, that is just as important, anything small help.

God bless you

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