Our mission statement Part 1


To be the unique leading Organization within South Africa visibly enabling people and communities to improve their quality of life and to combat human trafficking in South Africa.


Developing an integrated holistic network with all stakeholders to render a multi caring anti-human trafficking service for victims. Armor of God Foundation exists to Rescue, Restore, Protect, Empower and be a Voice for the Voiceless.


  • To protect and promote the interests, well-being, safety and development of children within the context of family and community and to safeguard the rights of children;
  • In order to achieve such objectives the Society shall, inter alias be voluntary by nature and its characteristic shall be reflected in its management;
  • Remain non-governmental and independent confirm its belief in the dignity, diversity, equality and worth of all people;
  • Shall remain a Christian based organization;
  • Provide appropriate and relevant programs in the form and language, which is accessible and acceptable to all the people in its area of operation, irrespective of religion or culture;
  • Render child, family and community centered services in order to: build the capacities and promote the development of all the people in its area of operation facilitate the development of human and structural resources within its area of operation in order to preserve family life and enhance people’s own capacity, self-reliance and the development of community support networks
  • Emphasize preventive, promote and developmental approaches in the planning and implementation of its services;
  • Create public awareness of the needs and rights of children,  awareness of the needs and rights of adult traffic victims; in order to enhance the communities’ and society’s responsibility to create a nurturing environment for themselves;
  • Take steps to bring about the removal of conditions detrimental to the emotional and physical well-being of the children, families and the community it serves;
  • Seek, create, liaise and I or collaborate and develop networks with government and other organizations;
  • Initiate and undertake fundraising and public relations activities;
  • Advocate, promote and support legislative and other measures designed to meet the needs and protect the rights of children;
  • Identify, investigate, assess and undertake research in respect of social and other conditions, deficiencies in services and legislation relevant to the Society and the recipients of its services

Executive Summary

Armor of God Foundation were founded in 2009. It is a non-profit and non-government organization. Over the last 6 years this organization served and continues to serve the communities in Mexico, United States of America and South Africa.

Armor of God Foundation offer free holistic care services to the community of trafficking victims regardless of race, gender, age, social and financial status. Today, the need within these communities is growing on a daily basis which has also resulted in the services expanding rapidly to ensure all the identified needs are being adequately catered for. The growing need to be able to prevent trafficking in communities needs to be identified so that it can be adequately addressed.


It is estimated that there are 42 million men, women and children enslaved around the world today with no hope of escape and no light to their darkness.

The Bible says, “Free those who are wrongly imprisoned; lighten the burden of those

who work for you. Let the oppressed go free, and remove the chains that bind

people” (Isaiah 58:6 NLT).

At Armor of God we have heard these precious children’s and victims cries for help and we are working to deliver them, rescuing hundreds from sexual slavery and committing ourselves to continue.

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