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All due respect to President Obama and the majority Supreme Court justices on Gay Marriage, they have it all wrong.  According to Chief Justice Roberts’ dissenting opinion, the majority justices argued that same-sex couples had a right to affirm their love and committment through marriage.  However, the majority’s decision has only served to affirm child abusers and molesters to keep abusing and molesting.  The majority affirmed to support the symptoms (LGBT) of a larger, historically hidden practice of sexual deviation involving children (child abuse and molestation) which is the root cause.  One needs to ask of the LGBT population, how many of you were abused or molested as children?  How many of you had your sexual identity forced upon you rather than you choosing it of your own volition?

As a whole, dissenters in general, need to push back against this permissive and promiscuous climate of traditionally unacceptable practices. I…

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