.jpg pictureKnow Right and Wrong Dr Martin Luther King

I don’t know about you, but I got a lot out of The History Of Child Protection In America.  I do want to commend all of Our ForeFathers, this Child Protection System has progressed right along with the schedule.

I AM NOT KIDDING, 7,000 years isn’t bad….  compared to BILLIONS of dollars annually that is grossly mismanaged.

The day we opened the NOT IN MY WORLD!!!!Google+ page, I began telling everyone that Our Country’s numbers are tainted.  If any of you took the time to get the publication from the link on these last 5 parts of the series we just finished.  But this post is also about it and several more, that will back me up 100%.

I just hope that sooner or later more than just a few of us start to really care aboutWHAT IS WRONG IN OUR COUNTRY. 

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