“Of Mice and Men!” Troas and Ephesus! What’s the difference? Part Nine


Loving Others as one loves one’s selfPAULIt was because Paul was under this continued strain of excitement in Ephesus and anxiety from Galatia and especially from Corinth that many academics even conclude that his strength totally succumbed and fled. Some even suggest that he was seized with an attack of sickness, which threatened to terminate his life (2 Corinthians 1:8-9; 4:7-18; 5:1-4). I really am not sure where to go with that one. I simply do not accept it. However, altogether with what we know, it can be clearly seen from our wise and lofty lookout post of the twenty first century that the fate of his mission and of Gentile Christianity as a whole, trembled in the balance at various times, and possibly this was the moment that would break the power of Judaist thoughts, or be broken by them once and for all.

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