A Short History of Child Protection in America Pt #3


Child Protection History — ABA
John E.B. Myers


IV.  The Modern Era of Child Protection

A. 1962 to the Present

The first two sections of this article describe child protection before 1962.  The next section discusses the post-1962 development of
the child protection system.  By the late 1970s, government-sponsored child protective services spanned the nation, settling
into urban and rural areas alike.

B. Child Abuse Becomes a National Issue

The 1960s witnessed an explosion of interest in child abuse, and physicians played a key role in this awakening.  Prior to the 1960s, medical schools provided little or no training on child abuse, and medical texts were largely silent on the issue.  Even pediatricians were largely uninformed.  The spark that eventually ignited medical interest in abuse was an article published in 1946 by pediatric radiologist John Caffey.  Caffey described six young children with subdural hematoma and fractures of the legs…

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