The Power of Words Like “I Love You”

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

This is for the many victims, especially teens, who have been deceived and manipulated by these 3 words… “I love you!” Many have been hurt by years of rejection and abuse and search for someone to love them… many times in all the wrong places. Too many people are deceptive and use these words to get what they want… until we are no longer what they want. We have to be careful to watch the actions, not just the words that are spoken. It is important to guard our hearts and not just open them to mere words that are spoken.

The power of words…
is so evident in these few…
that thug at our hearts…
when we hear, “I love you”.
For so many of us are lonely…
never hearing these words spoken.
Then the first time we hear them…
they lead down a path to be broken.

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