The Daycare Women

Six Hearts One Journey

There are several groups of women (about thirty groups in all) who have dedicated their homes and their hearts to providing a daycare for very young children who have no one else to take care of them during the day.  These women are hard-working, kind, strong, and dedicated to their job.

Daycare worker 2

Daycare worker 4

Daycare worker 3

Daycare worker 1

Their jobs are not easy.  Every day, except for maybe one to two days a week, kids are dropped off at their home (sometimes very early in the morning; it depends on when their parents go to work) until sometime in the afternoon/evening.  There can be any amount of kids they get in a day.  Some have 20, and some have 100!  Their homes aren’t large and luxurious.  Their resources aren’t huge.  They don’t get paid that much.  Their job isn’t peaceful.  And even so, they willingly take care of these children who would otherwise be left to fend…

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