Kids take a stand against Child Abuse and Neglect


.jpg photo of Art donated for Child Abuse Kids create art, to sell and donate proceeds to victims of Child buse

Springfield, Missouri – The works of art on display for the next two weeks at Randy Bacon Studio are for much more than decoration. The art, created by Springfield elementary students, is standing up against child abuse and neglect.

“They told us that the artwork was for charity,” said Caleb Pardue, a fifth-grader at Robberson Community School. “They’re going to be sold and they’re going to be going to the charity for abused and neglected kids.”

The artwork is part of Children Taking a Stand, which began in 2008. That was the year Juli Nelson read an article about the horrible abuse of a local child. When she took the story to her faith community, a little boy said he wanted to sell lemonade to help kids who get hurt.

The non-profit has evolved through the years…

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