8 Reasons Why We Must Take Illegal Immigration Seriously

Intelligent Christian Faith

If you are like me, then you’ve found yourself baffled at the mixed and muted politicking over illegal immigration. In campaign season politicians scream and argue and volley for position immigration policy. Conservatives notoriously caved last month on a budget proposal challenging, among other things, Obama’s executive “amnesty” for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants. Yet many of those same republican representatives campaigned on opposing platforms.


From a cynical and perhaps realistic perspective, there are practical reasons why republicans and democrats would all be friendly towards illegal immigration. For republicans it’s cheap labor, “Undocumented workers.” For democrats it’s votes, “Undocumented Democrats.” Stats show that lower economic classes typically vote democrat and that’s at least where vast numbers of Central and South American immigrants would be when they cast their first vote. Allegedly, current policy has loopholes allowing for this illegal voting. Meanwhile, countless financial backers and lobbyists on the republican…

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